Applications have closed for 2020, check back with us next year!

CX Lavender is organised by guilds that represent specific skillsets, rather than traditional departments. When you work, it will be in collaboration with people from across the guilds, each bringing with them a unique set of insights and expertise.

Business Management

The Business Management guild oversees projects from rough concepts through to unstoppable campaigns. They liaise with clients, brief in creatives, and have the management skills to ensure all parties are happy with a project’s end results.


The Strategy guild offers guidance to ensure each project is accomplishing the client’s goals in the most effective way possible. As experts on how customers think and behave, they’re able to distil the core problem in any brief and offer a tailor-made plan for its solution.


The Story guild works across concepting and copy, answering creative briefs by finding and finessing the right words for the job. This could be creating catchy campaign-leading slogans, producing concise email copy, or writing a radio ad to remember.


The Design guild are responsible for brainstorming and executing design solutions for a project. This could be in the form of art direction, creative concepting, or getting on the tools to turn ideas into a vision that meets (or exceeds) the client’s expectations.


The Development guild handles everything from making apps and websites to creating new, innovative programs. They have the technical skills and innovation to turn the creative team’s vision into a refined, market-ready reality.

Brainstorm ideas and then see the project through to the end.

Learn how all aspects of a campaign come together.

There’s always someone around to offer advice and guidance.