Applications have closed for 2020, check back with us next year!

Here, you’ll find key details about our company and the Genus Program.

More about CX Lavender.
What does CX mean?
Customer Experience (CX) means the customer is central to everything we do, so we’re constantly looking for new ways to build connections with brands according to their wants and needs. It might be through apps, direct marketing, a website, software or something completely out-there. Be keen to embrace innovation and you’ll stay ahead of the game.
What does it mean to be independent?
As an independent agency, we have the agility to adapt in what is an increasingly volatile industry. We stay on top of innovations in technology, and even start some ourselves. Be ready to learn at every stage of your career, and you’ll help set the pace.
What’s the culture like?
A band of creative and strategic misfits, bunched together in a two-storey office? It makes for plenty of laughs and memorable moments. Personalities of all shades here have room to grow, and we emphasise authenticity in all that we do. Be smart in problem analysis, brave in decision making, and kind towards each other, and that’s how you’ll fit in.
More about Genus.
What does ‘Genus’ mean?
In nature, ‘genus’ describes a particular order of species that, though different, share some characteristics. Symbolically, it’s the same here; our graduates are celebrated for their individuality, but are united by their commitment to CX Lavender values.
What qualities are you looking for in your Grads?
Above all, we’re looking for candidates who are comfortable being themselves, who have focus and a can-do attitude. No matter whether we’re introverts, extroverts, or anything inbetween, we all have something to contribute.
What can I expect from the program?
The graduate program runs for a year, by the end of which you should be fully settled in. Like an internship, you’ll be given the chance to hone your craft in a safe, supportive environment. Unlike an internship, it’s a full-time job, with real-life projects from (almost) day one. You’ll start with a two-week induction, rotating through the guilds to get a taste for what they all do. Then you’ll settle into your own guild, training on smaller tasks but eventually running your own projects.
What will my job involve?
Each day at the agency is different, and you’ll find yourself working on all sorts of projects for a diverse range of clients. Our specialty is digital marketing; one day you might find yourself developing an eDM campaign, the next designing a website. Within the workflow, you’ll be zipping between briefings, reviews and presentations.
How would I fit in to the company?
You’ll be entirely welcomed into CX Lavender as a real employee, with a full-time, salaried position. We have regular traditions, like Friday Morning Meetings and end-of-week drinks, where you can get to know everyone around you and soak in the social life as well as the professional. You’ll also be assigned a mentor at the start of the year, who’ll show you the ropes and support you as you build your confidence.
How can I stand out in the application process?
Follow the steps of the application process explained here, and give it your all. Remember, you must be entitled to work in Australia and have graduated with a university degree in the last two years. We’re not looking for a specific qualification; you might have studied comms, business or tech, or you might have done something entirely different. We want to get to know the real you – so show us who are you as you complete the application and help us see why you’re a good fit for the business and Genus.
When does the application period close?
Applications are open until Friday September 27th 2019, just before midnight.
What are the Residency Requirements?
For the Grad Program we can consider Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents only (inc. New Zealand Citizens provided you are entitled to work in Australia). Unfortunately, we cannot currently provide sponsorship for those currently on Student visas at this stage.