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have an

Let CX Lavender help you close it.

The most successful organisations tomorrow will be those that take their customers and services seriously by closing the gap between what their brand promises, and what their customers meet in their CX.

Learn what customers are craving in CX.
Over 20+ years lifting CX for Australia’s most prominent brands, and across multiple sectors, we have gained a wealth of insight that we can share with you about what customers both expect and are irritated by, in CX.
Lift CX to drive growth of
around 20%.
Happy customers talk with their wallets, making refined CX today’s competitive advantage. We can share cases where clients have seen a lift in revenue by 17%, directly attributable to improved CX.
Utilise our practical
8 Domains framework.
We’ve developed 8 Domains of CX that serve as a systematic and thorough diagnostic tool – for identifying the most critical gaps in CX and making a plan to fix areas that will have the greatest business impact.
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Brand versus CX is a false argument.
Article by CX Strategy Partner Damian Sharpley in Mi3.
CX is simply another medium for your brand promise to thrive in. Why would a company investing millions in differentiating its brand through advertising, let its CX activities dilute that brand?
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CX that walks what your brand talks.
Article by Chief Creative Officer Anna Karena in AdNews.
Too many customer experiences lack brand personality, and that has a lot to do with the separation of CX optimisers and brand custodians, writes Anna Karena. It’s time to bring the two together and bridge the experience gap.
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